Introducing Genomics in Schools

The Genetic Support Network of Victoria (GSNV) is passionate about education and has been educating the general community on genetic and genomic health. An understanding of genomics is much more than a grasp of the technology, clinical and service outlay. Awareness of the ethical, legal, and social issues are important elements of all education efforts with the community and health professionals.

To increase the awareness of the social implications of genomic technologies, we believe it is important to begin the education process from a young age. The GSNV has created these resources with the collaboration of an experienced steering committee made up of members from GTAC,( Gene Technology Access Centre)VCE Biology teachers, Australian Genomics and community members.


These resources have a point of difference by developing an understanding of the ‘lived experience’ of genomic medicine and the key message of the potential of personal empowerment in health and wellbeing decision making.

This program is designed to complement interdisciplinary studies, including study design from science, biology and humanities.

For more information on the Genomics In Schools project click here.

You will be contacted directly to download the resources.

Genomics in Schools

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