About Us

Who developed this website?

The GSNV is a vibrant and active organisation committed to promoting the interests and well-being of people affected by genetic conditions.  The Network is proud to be associated with a wide range of support groups throughout Victoria and Australia as well as peak professional bodies such as Victorian Clinical Genetics Services.

Assisting individuals and families with the ‘human’, non clinical side of genetic diagnosis is common place in our day to day activity. The core of our enquiries involve assisting in access to services, connecting with others, education, advocacy, support and information.

The GSNV is uniquely positioned to bring together the various types of information, service providers and support groups. GSNV works to feed information out to the community and to provide timely responses to requests for support.

Increasingly we look to help set up or support a new group and assist those already established to broaden awareness. To this end the GSNV is committed to improving the sense of isolation the community may feel in dealing with genetic conditions.

For more information, please see our brochure or visit gsnv.org.au

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